Friday, June 21, 2013

The Royal Albert Hall

One location I had always wanted to see in London was the Royal Albert Hall.  Throughout that particular day the weather would switch between rainy and sunny but thankfully the weather cooperated when I was trying to take this photo.  

The Royal Albert Hall [named after Queen Victoria's husband Albert] has hosted many a legendary concert.

But one of the most famous performances attributed to the Hall actually happened elsewhere. For years the famous concert in which an audience shouted to Bob Dylan that he was "Judas" because he had begun to play with electric guitars rather than acoustic had been attributed to have happened at the Hall.  Dylan responded to the heckler by calling him a "liar" and then turned to his band and told them to play "f**king loud."  For a long time this was attributed to have happened at the final show of his 1966 World Tour at the Albert Hall but over time it has been determined to have actually happened a few days earlier in Manchester.  Dylan's performance at the Hall is important nonetheless because it was the last concert he would perform for seven years.

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