Friday, June 23, 2017

Solving A Vinyl Mystery

Last winter while traveling through northern Illinois, I stopped at the Half Price Books outlet in Rockford. This is where the millions of unwanted copies of the Transformers movies and The South Beach Diet go to be sold for $3. They also have some clearance vinyl records and they have some of their better albums in frames on the wall. This particular one stood out to me as I love space-themed albums and I had no idea whose album it was. I snapped a photo of it to remind myself to search it out later when I had time later. 

As you can imagine, "later" turned into several months as that photo got pushed back with Christmas photos and every once in awhile I would be reminded of that vinyl mystery. I finally did a a reverse image search and it turned out that that image was the back cover of the 2001: A Space Odyssey soundtrack. Here is the front cover: 

The gate-fold has some great photos from the film and an essay on the classical compositions used on the soundtrack.

And here again is the image in question. It was created by artist Robert McCall who designed the round space station and the space suits used in the movie. You can find his webpage HERE.

While the cover had a some wear, the vinyl was just a little dusty with no obvious problems. 

Scarlett approves of the purchase and she also loves the smell of musty cardboard and vinyl. 

And so I framed the album up with some of my other covers including an album by The Association with a moon/space theme.