Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Clayton State University and Captain America: Civil War

I needed to do my prep work for watching The Black Panther and so Laura and I recently rewatched his first appearance in Captain America: Civil War. I hadn't thought too much about that movie since watching it originally during the summer of 2016. In my mind the event of Winter Soldier and Civil War had combined and I had totally forgotten that one of the intense fight scenes from Civil War was filmed at Laura's previous college, Clayton State University.

Disney films a large part of their Marvel films in and around the Atlanta area. For example, the S.H.I.E.L.D./Avengers headquarters is actually a CGI-ed version of a Porsche factory that is located about 10 miles from where we used to live in Morrow. They are always looking for unique locations particularly modern, futuristic buildings that might fit into the super tech world of the Marvel superheroes.

One such building is the James M. Baker University Center on the Clayton State campus.

It is one of the newer buildings on campus and has floor-to-ceiling glass walls in several areas of the building.

In Civil War, Captain America, the Winter Soldier, and Black Panther have a chase battle across Bucharest and the three are arrested after the chase. The Winter Soldier eventually escapes custody and as he is escaping from the police station they have a fight in a hallway that was filmed in the Baker Center at Clayton State.

As Iron Man is about to blast the Winter Soldier, you can see the huge glass wall that dominates the front side of the Baker Center. If you go down those stairs leads to the college's cafeteria.

Here is the opposite view and you can see the other glass wall that is in the distance at the end of the hallway. 

Black Panther and the Winter Soldier have a fight in front of the center's snack shop where I would frequently buy Diet Cokes from that cooler in the background. 

Here's final shot as Black Panther is standing in front of the coffee shop. The tables and chairs featured in the film are the ones that are at the Baker Center but they were never placed along the wall on the left. Taking the stairs to the right will leads to classrooms.