Monday, June 24, 2013

My Last Lenin

While walking around Sevastopol on the Crimean peninsula we came up the last large statue of Lenin I would see during my time in Ukraine.   

Where is Lenin pointing?  Towards the Black Sea, of course.

Sevastopol is home to both Ukrainian and Russian naval bases and during Soviet times the city was closed to all non-residents.

Here's a view of Lenin's back side that I don't usually take.

While the Lenin statue is nice, it is the level of detail on the four crouching men surrounding Lenin that I'm really impressed with.  

Thinking about the Lenin statues that I saw during my trip I wasn't too sure when I would see something like it again.  I imagine it will be several years until I'm back in a place where Communism is still [kind of] celebrated.  And then I remember that I've lived in a place in America that has its own Lenin statue.  In Seattle, [technically, Fremont] there is a very prominent Lenin statue that many people [I assume] just sort of role their eyes at when they pass by...but when I'm in Seattle next time and see it I wonder if I will view it the same way.

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