Friday, June 28, 2013

Hyde Park's Speaker's Corner

After visiting The Royal Albert Hall we headed up the street and went to Hyde Park.  It was quite the change from the busy London streets.  This section of the park was off limits and so it looks like there wasn't a soul in the park.  

The part of Hyde Park that I really wanted to see was the legendary Speaker's Corner.  Public political debate is nearly non existent in America short of a college campus or a Lincoln-Douglas debate forensics tournament and so I was looking to see the clash of ideas that makes democracy the least worst system of government.  

Unfortunately, this is what we found, not a public speaker in sight.  We went on a weekday in the afternoon and so I guess democracy takes a break sometimes.

Never mind the disappointment, at least we got to see the Marble Arch.

Plus there is the amazing bronze horse head statue which was a new edition in 2012.

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