Monday, June 3, 2013

Our Lock On The Love Bridge

One of the earliest posts I wrote after arriving in Ukraine was about the "Love Bridge" we found exploring Kharkiv.  We decided that we would certainly have to take part in the tradition and leave a lock on the bridge before we left the country.  Tracking down a lock that would work for us was a little bit difficult but we did and with a little added permanent marker we were ready to go.

We picked a place on the north side  of the bridge...

...and I enjoy how our red lock stands out compared with the other ones.  Who knows what it will look like in a year or even whenever we make it back to Kharkiv.  

The tradition that goes along placing the lock on the bridge railing is that you also throw the key into the body of water that the bridge is above.  Well, we really couldn't toss our key down onto the street below so we kept the keys for a more appropriate time and a better location.  

How about off the coast of Mykonos?!

We tossed our keys into the Aegean Sea and hope to one day make our way back to Kharkiv and see if our lock is still there.

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