Thursday, November 15, 2012

Yaroslav The Wise

A common theme around Kiev that we slowly came to discover were monuments to Yaroslav the Wise, a former ruler of Kiev around the early 1100's.  Yaroslav is also starring back at you on the two Ukrainian hyrvnia bill.

At Saint Sophia's cathedral you can find Yaroslav's tomb but Yaroslav isn't inside any longer.  I had to covertly take this photo as there were nuns and cathedral workers around every corner. 

Throughout Kiev you'll also find statues to Yaroslav holding Kiev in his hands.  

At the Golden Gate where you'll find some of the last remaining pieces of Kiev's original wall [which didn't put up too much of a barrier to the Mongols in 1240] you'll also find...

...another Yaroslav and Kiev statue.  This one is famously referred to as the Kiev Cake Statue as it looks like he is serving up Kiev on a plate.

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