Friday, November 9, 2012

The Eye of Providence

A little while ago I did a post highlighting the Ukrainian currency called Hryvnia.  At the time I had found all the types of bills except the largest denomination, the 500 Hryvnia.  At a dinner Laura and I were a Ukrainian was showing the bill to another person and I was able to take a photo of it.  They also pulled out a U.S. $1 bill and turned it over to show me something they found interesting.  

One the back of the bill, just like our $1 bill, the Ukrainian government has placed a Eye of Providence or An All-Seeing Eye.  

Which is very interesting to me as I've been reading Dan Brown's sequel to The Da Vinci Code entitled The Lost Symbol.  My wife reads Gogol's Dead Souls, I read Dan Brown.  That pretty much sums us up nicely I think...but I digress...The book is full of Masonic symbols and mythology and the All-Seeing Eye is mentioned and discussed thoroughly.

And then to bring things full circle I came upon this graffiti last week as well.  I'm seeing symbols everywhere!

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