Monday, November 5, 2012

Papilio Palinurus

A little while ago I wrote about the artist market here in Kharkiv and one particular merchant who sells entomology frames.  I missed out on that first opportunity and hadn't been able to make it back to see if I could buy one.  I tried again on Saturday thinking earlier was better but at 10am most of the booths hadn't been set up yet.  It then started raining lightly and so when we came back later in the afternoon there was only about a quarter of the typical number of sellers.  

On Sunday Laura was out and about with her friend and if she ended up down by the market she said she would check to see if that seller was there.  And sure enough, the seller was there and so she returned with this beauty:

The frame is wrapped in plastic to protect it against the elements and so that is the glare that you are seeing on the photo.  

The type of butterfly is listed as Papilio palinurus which is called the Emerald Peacock butterfly and can be found in Southeast Asia.  

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