Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Abandoned Fairgrounds

My last post was about the Minnesota State Fair and fittingly my first post in over a month and a half is again about the fairgrounds.  A few weeks ago I headed to the state fairgrounds in Minneapolis to buy a few books...more on that in a moment...I had never been to the grounds when the fair was not in full swing and so this was an interesting and slightly creepy experience.  Here is the haunted house with no one in sight. 

The Space Tower.

The Cheese Curd stand that usually has customers lined up to the street is sad and boarded up.  It just wasn't right. 

The point of my visit was to go to Half Price Books clearance sale which was at the fairgrounds Grand Stand. There are six stores located around the Twin Cities area and so I imagine that they produce a lot of clearance items over the course of the year. 

Their set up was pretty impressive and there was no book, movie, or CD over $3.  The items weren't organized in any particular order and so the book you might be looking for could be a foot away from you and you would never know it.  And as you can see it was very busy that day and it was almost too much to take in but that being said I certainly didn't leave empty handed.  


  1. Wow! Very cool pics. Hope you found some great stuff!

  2. I've been to the Fairgrounds for a couple of flea markets. It really is sort of sad to see all the emptiness of the buildings during non-fair times. It's almost like walking by a ballpark in winter.