Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Purchased In Athens, Assembled in Lawrence

While in one of the museum gift shops in Greece I purchased this...for lack of a better word....paper doll set of the Greek God Poseidon. These can be found in pretty much all of the key museum shops and they have sets for all the main deities.  I never got around to putting mine together and had sort of forgotten about it until I was unpacking our stuff from moving back down to Lawrence.

So let's unpack this!  Here is the God of the Sea in only two dimensions. 

The square head of the Poseidon. There were no instructions included but it was nearly idiot proof. 

Thank goodness I waited to put this together because I can only imagine the headaches it would have given me in getting it back to America.  I would probably have just found a good home for it in Latvia!  

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