Saturday, August 31, 2013

Political Buttons From The Minnesota State Fair

Since I grew up in the northwest part of Wisconsin I've attended the Minnesota State Fair in Minneapolis instead of the Wisconsin State Fair which takes place on the east side of the state outside of Milwaukee. My favorite booths to always make a stop at are the political booths in order pick up the pins they have for sale. So even though I would never be able to vote in Minnesota elections I have many, many pins from Minnesota candidates.  Here is my haul this year.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the DFL already selling "Hillary 2016" pins so I had to pick one up.

They had some Obama pins for sale that they already had but this one featuring Obama and the other Democratic presidents was something I hadn't seen before.  It's interesting to me because they include Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, and John Quincy Adams in the history of the Democratic Party when they were actually members of the Democratic-Republican Party. And although there is "Democrat" in their party's name they were more commonly referred to as "Republicans" at the time. Later the Democrat side would split from the Republican side and became what is still today the contemporary Democratic Party while the Republican side would eventually become the Whigs and fade from existence.

My last two pins are from Senator Al Franken's reelection campaign.  He is up for election in November 2014 and although he barely beat Norm Coleman in 2008 he has had very little Republican opposition in seeking his reelection.

I really enjoy this one and it plays off of Franken's joking Saturday Night Live past. I'm pretty sure this is the first political pin I own with a corn dog on  it.

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