Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Weirdest Thing I've Seen In Ukraine

Laura and I recently found ourselves back in Kafka-esque hallway that I wrote about back in October to get some more documents officially translated into Ukrainian...and when I say "officially" I mean adding some colorful stamps to a piece of paper.    

The hallway looked to be pretty much the same although there seems to be a little construction going on in some of the rooms...and on the door in the bottom right of the above photo had a few new sheets of paper attached to it.

If you don't speak Russian you might just pass by this sign not really noticing it...

But once you read down a little further you get some serious Ghostbusters technical talk.  "3rd degree of adsorption?"  I better watch out!

And in case you were wondering if the signs were not to be taken seriously we have some important words from Gandalf and a homage to this legendary scene from The Fellowship of the Ring.

What the heck is going on behind this door???  

While I was waiting in the hallway while Laura was in the very very small translator's office someone else came down the hallway and actually knocked on the door the "special door."  I thought to myself "This is it...we're all going to go up like flash paper!"  We both waited to see would happen next but nothing did...there was no answer at the door and the other guy walked away.

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  1. Too cool :p I wonder who- or what!- what was behind that door...