Friday, February 15, 2013

Random Picture Collection: Instagrams From Around Ukraine

Roughly every month I collect the photos that didn't quite get their own post and bring them together in a single post.  Past collection can be found here.  

Here are a few photos from my recent travels that I've been posting on my Instagram account

It was either wedge into the smallest elevator ever or take the stairs past the drunk guy sleeping in the hallway on the third floor. 

In the winter they just cover the carousel with plastic.

Yanni is coming to Ukraine...but I'll hold out for The Killers in Latvia later this summer.

Something tells me nothing in this store is "fun" or "cool."

A Father teaching his daughter how to play cards Wednesday on the train to Vinnitsya.

After rarely seeing ice in restaurants I've been served ice cubes this way two nights in a row.

Antagonizing the fish at our hotel. They either thought I was going to feed them or they don't like getting their photo taken.

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