Friday, February 8, 2013

Baby's First Haircut

In my time here in Ukraine I've successfully avoided nearly all the potentially bad experiences that living abroad could throw at you...I've never been yelled at in the street in Russian [that I've been aware of], haven't had an icicle fall on my head, or have even fallen on the sheets of ice that go for sidewalks around here.  It's part of the reason I'm having so a good time here, I imagine.  So the thought of finally having to get my haircut in Ukraine and the possible horrible outcomes had me a little frightened as I walked into the salon today.  Laura and I...let's be more honest...Laura had thoroughly researched such phrases as...

"short around the side, longer on top"
"2-3 centimeters off the top" [that's an inch in America]
"please do not shave my head"

Thankfully, everything turned out well and the women of the salon seemed to be amused that Laura was taking photos like this was baby's first haircut.  

I should have gotten my barber's name but forgot to.  She was not happy that I didn't want to have a shave as well.

In the end it was a great experience and I didn't end up looking like Telly Savalas.

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