Friday, June 17, 2016

Visiting the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial

One of the newest memorials on the National Mall is the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial which was opened in 2011. It located between the Lincoln Memorial and Franklin Roosevelt's Memorial. As you approach the monument you walk through this impressive rock structure. 

This leads you the impressive piece of sculpture that has King emerging from the huge slab of rock. Having lived in the Atlanta area for a few years and having seen King's birthplace and his famous church, Ebenezer Baptist Church, seeing his memorial was one of the top destinations I wanted to see in Washington.

It was a little difficult to get a grasp on the scale of the monument but just take a look at the tiny people walking at the bottom of the photo on the right and you'll get an idea of how large the monument is.

It is located on the tidal basin off of the Potomac River and sits across from the Jefferson Memorial.

In the gift shop I found this first day issue of King's stamp from 1979. I really don't understand how they had 37-year-old first day issues but I took advantage and picked one up. The stamp was originally 15 cents and features an illustration by Jerry Pinkney. It was cancelled on the first day the stamp was issued, January 13th, 1979 in King's home of Atlanta.

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