Thursday, June 16, 2016

Mr. Biden's Neighborhood

I live in the Glover Park neighborhood of Washington which is named after Charles Glover who was a philanthropist and founder of many of the largest parks in the district. We share the neighborhood with a famous resident, Vice President Joe Biden who has his residence at the Naval Observatory which is about five blocks away.

Vice Presidents have lived there since Walter Mondale during Jimmy Carter's administration but unfortunately you can't see his house from the streets outside the grounds.  Here is what his house looks like behind the fence.

The observatory of course has a rather large telescope and you can make it out in between the trees on the left in this photo I took from the entrance to the observatory.  

As you drive by the observatory the biggest thing that grabs your attention is the huge digital clock "master clock" which tells you the official atomic "time." But does anyone really know what time it is

And here's a bonus anchor for good measure.

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