Monday, July 13, 2015

Metropolis, Illinois Part 1

As Laura and I were planning our trip back to Lawrence, KS from Atlanta for her graduation we found that the little town of Metropolis, Illinois was situated about half way through our journey and the perfect spot to stop for the evening. We had driven through Metropolis on our initial trip to Atlanta and the signs advertising a big Superman statue and so I was certainly going to stop during our next trip through. 

A few blocks of the downtown area of Metropolis has been completely given over to their favorite son. Metropolis Comics has a nice little Superman museum and is a must for anyone visiting. 

You have to tip your hat to a comic shop that has the brilliant idea to paint some rocks with day glow paint and sell them as Kryptonite...and yes, it glows in the dark.

Down a block from the comic shop and right in front of a school is the famous Superman statue that reads "Truth, Justice, and the American Way" on the bottom.

I think I pull off a cape pretty well.

On another trip through Metropolis this cool vintage car [Studebaker I believe...but please tell me if it isn't] was parked in front of the shop. It gave the street a feeling like you had stepped back into the first issue of Action Comics which has Superman throwing a green car.

The view of Metropolis from our hotel room. It's not quite the Metropolis I had in my mind but it's a nice little city with one very interesting claim to fame. 

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