Thursday, June 11, 2015

Some More National Parks Cards

A few months ago I highlighted some trading cards I found at Ocmulgee National Monument in Georgia and while my parents were on vacation in New Mexico my Dad found another set of cards from the Fort Union National Monument. Fort Union dates back to 1851 and was located on the Santa Fe Trail near modern day Las Vegas.

The New Mexico Volunteers were based out of Fort Union and took part in a few Civil War battles against the Confederates.

Around the Fort you can still see many long portions of the Santa Fe Trail.  


This is Francisco Chaves who was a lieutenant colonel who  commanded the New Mexico Volunteers against the Confederates at the Battle of Valverde.

 A view of Fort Union from above and as you can see it's the only civilization for miles and miles.

This is Manuel Chavez  who led the Union to a victory over the Confederates at the Battle of Glorieta which stopped the South from creating a gateway to California through New Mexico.

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