Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Oddest Building In Kiev

While walking around the area surrounding the Ukrainian parliament we came upon a building known as Gorodetsky House.  It was built around 1900 by the architect Vladislav Gorodetsky and is covered by an architectural feature called a Chimera which is a figure that is mythical or grotesque like a gargoyle.  Along with being called the "Gorodetsky House" it is also often called The House With Chimaeras.  It was originally used as an upscale apartment building [across the road is the Ukrainian president's offices, by the way] but during Soviet times it was a clinic. 

Here are several examples of the Chimeras that cover the building.  My favorite is the this group of grumpy frogs that line the roof of one side of the building.  

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  1. I love the idea of living in an apartment there. Imagine giving directions and telling someone, "You can't miss it. It's the grey building covered with chimeras. Awesome!