Saturday, March 30, 2013

Conversations in Lviv

A few brief conversations Laura and I had during our days in Lviv. 

The first one taking place in front of the Black Stone House which has been around since 1588.  Its black color as been attributed to the oxidation of the polychrome that was used on the building although a popular wife's tale is that it was due to the soot from coal burned during the Industrial Revolution.

Laura:  "Lviv is so touristy and European!"

Matt:  "And with cobblestones everywhere, you can easily sprain your ankle."

Laura:  "Yeah, isn't it great!"

Laura talking to the lady at the girl at the tourist office...the first and only tourist office that we've found in Ukraine that was actually open.]

Laura:  "In Ukrainian, how do you stress the syllables in words?"

Girl:  " just sort of know."

Laura always has questions about a particular language issue unfortunately not everyone is always willing to give her a helpful answer.

What I said after seeing this building from across the square.

Matt:  "I never thought I would say this but can we go to the opera?"

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