Sunday, October 28, 2012


Saturday involved taking a quick trip to the train station to pick up our train tickets for next week and as we were walking down the street we saw three stray dogs sunning themselves.  

One of the dogs made me stop in my tracks and grab my camera.  It looked to be a Norwegian Elk Hound that was the spitting image of my dog Magnus during his younger days.

Here are a few shots of Magnus with a more grayer face.  As Norwegian Elk Hounds get older they turn more and more grey and so the stray dog was probably a few years younger that Magnus in these photos.

Magnus passed away a few years ago and since seeing the dog at the train station I've been thinking about seeing him "reincarnated" a lot since.  If it would have been realistic to have a dog in our apartment I would have taken him home with me right there...and picked up some flea baths on the way home.

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