Friday, September 21, 2012

The Red Scare

Ukraine is having parliamentary elections at the end of October and all the seat in the Ukrainian parliament, called the Verkhova Rada, will be up for grabs.  These are the first elections since 2007 and that election led to a political crisis in which the President tried to dissolve the Verkhova Rada.  Long story short, it could be an interesting time to be visiting Ukraine!

Ukrainian elections are only allowed to last 90 days so the political parties are out in force to get their message out.  As a Political Science undergrad it is so tiring to hear politicians in America argue about who is and isn't a socialist when in come countries you can just walk down the street and get handed pamphlets from actual Communists trying to get the vote out.  Michelle Bachman would have fallen down dead of the shock. 

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