Sunday, September 16, 2012


Use My Camera will be a blog documenting the sights, sounds, and views of my year as a tourist in Ukraine and Eastern Europe.  I've been doing a photo blog by the same name for a while now and I've decided to use the same name for this blog to keep things straight.

And so today we begin back in America! This sign post is located a few miles outside of Menomonie, WI.  You've got all the local cities listed and a couple of not-so-local ones [El Paso?].  During the summer I was staying in Colfax which was listed as being nine miles from the sign post.   And today I write this some 5434 miles from Colfax in Kharkiv, Ukraine.  Interestingly, Google Maps can't find directions between Colfax and Kharkiv.  Imagine that!

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