Sunday, July 3, 2016

Scarlett's New Frenemy

By far the most difficult aspect of our move to Washington has been the changes our dog Scarlett has had with our new place. We went from a suburban townhome next to a middle school with a huge green space to an apartment building with people and other dogs around every turn. The first week was pretty difficult as she is very excitable and interested in everything that is going on in the apartment building (people leaving, people talking in the hallway, a dog going for a walk, a toilet flushing, someone moving furniture, someone breathing, etc...)

Thankfully, she has mellowed out a lot except that in the building across from us a black-and-white cat has decided its favorite place to sit is in the opposite window. It took about a day but Scarlett finally noticed the cat sitting there and the two have shared many an afternoon locked in a staring contest, imagining what would happen if they could get at each other. I'm predicting Scarlett to leave with quite a few scratches.  

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