Monday, March 28, 2016

The Lover's Oak

We recently visited Georgia's Atlantic coast and it was a refreshing change from urban Atlanta. It's hard to believe the change in environment in about a three hour drive and the islands of St. Simon and Jekyll Island are great places to visit if you ever get the chance.

The main city around the coastal islands is Brunswick, Georgia and like Savannah, it has many planned out public squares. While we were driving around early on a Sunday morning as the town was still pretty much asleep, we came upon this huge oak tree. Getting out and reading about it, it is called the Lover's Oak and the National Arborist Association has certified that the tree has been there since well before the founding of the United States.

The "Lover's Oak" name comes the tradition that the tree was a common meeting place for Native Americans who would sit under the tree's huge base. Who really knows about that but the tree was an amazing "off the beaten path" moment that you often find while visiting little rural towns. 

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