Sunday, November 8, 2015

Random Picture Collection: The Swan House

Every so often, I collect the photos that didn't quite get their own post and bring them together in a single post. Past collection can be found here

Here's a random collection of photos from our visit to the Swan House and the Atlanta Historic Center from a few weeks ago

This 10-point buck is waiting for you as you enter the Historic Center.
The checkered floor of the Swan House's main foyer.
A view of the checkered floor from on to of the spiral staircase on the second floor.
Near the kid's playroom on the second floor, there were pencils and paper set up for children to draw their impressions of the house. There were many felt behind and I thought this one was particularly interesting. 
The eagle theme from this fixture appears throughout the house including some monuments outside.
An upstairs window. 
In the part of the house that has been turned into a museum, they had many beautiful pottery pieces including this multi-colored teapot. 
And here are a few more examples of the pieces on display. 

The telephone in the kitchen. Taking photos of odd looking phones is one of my secret passions. 
The chandelier in the main dinning room. 
The Hudson Super Six Coach that was parked in the roundabout in front of the house. 
Another eagle in the garden on the side of the house. 

And a stone elephant to round out our tour. 

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