Saturday, May 9, 2015

Savannah And Forrest Gump

If there is one thing that Savannah is known for in contemporary pop culture it is that the city and its famous squares were featured in the park bench scenes in Forrest Gump.  As you can see from the opening scene clip it follows a feather as it floats along in the sky passing by a few of Savannah's buildings. Most notably it passes by the Independent Presbyterian Church and lands near a bench on Chippewa Square.

The famous bench that Tom Hanks sat on has since been moved to a Savannah visitor's center that you can tour. Today there's just an empty spot that people stop and take a photo of each day for no obvious reason.

Here's a photo of the filming of the first shot of the film. You can see the trees behind Hanks match up with the photograph above. 

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