Wednesday, October 1, 2014

UPDATE: A Restaurant For The Grammar Sticklers

UPDATE: This may not be the update you want, but it's the update you deserve. The local restaurant "This Is Wings!" is no more I am sad to say. It's currently under construction and the red roof has been removed. Who knows what it will become? I'm hoping for a new shop "I Are Donuts!"

There is one local restaurant whose name makes me do a double take nearly every time I drive by. The name in question is This Is Wings! and other than being a potential title for a Paul McCartney and Wings album this restaurant must drive the grammar sticklers crazy each time they drive by. 

I wonder, are they saying that the restaurant is just call Wings! and the meaning of the sign is to let everyone know the restaurant known simply as Wings! is over here and come have lunch.

Or is it simply that they just didn't realize it should probably say "These Are Wings!" as the word "wings" is plural.  Either way, I may have spent more time thinking about their name in the week I've been in Georgia than anyone else in the Atlanta area.

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