Saturday, September 6, 2014

Visiting Spooky Olde Towne Morrow

Down by my my local shopping center, Southlake Mall, there is an odd little "neighborhood" called Old Towne Morrow. There is a sign in front of the main road saying that the Olde Towne is closed and undergoing a face lift but that didn't stop us from driving in and taking a closer look at what it was all about. What's the worst that could happen, right?

Driving around it is a little spooky as there is no one around yet the building look close to brand new. This should definitely be a setting for The Walking Dead, which is filmed in Georgia after all

A little research after we returned home found that Old Towne Morrow was opened in 2009 as a mixture of park space, office, restaurants and shops. In total about $13 million went into the development. It was closed by the end of 2010 after only bringing in a few thousand dollars. 

And so there the buildings sit. Several have broken windows and although it felt like we were there by ourselves I imagine there were several people squatting in the buildings. This smaller buildings were intended for offices and on one of them you can see that the Morrow Police Department occupied one at one time. 

In a few weeks the City of Morrow will be hosting an End of the Summer party at Olde Towne so at least a few hundred people will be in attendance and it will be very interesting to see what changes will happen to "The Towne" between now and then.

There is also talk of building a college and high school football stadium on the grounds but as there is no particular college that would call the stadium home it sounds like another half baked idea.

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  1. Seriously, they need to look at Hollywood to use the town as a set!