Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Moving In The 5th Dimension

Last week was a hectic week as Laura and I [along with my parents] packed up our stuff and moved down to Atlanta. We made this same trip two months ago with our first load of stuff and I think we both felt confident that we would be fine with the amount of stuff we had left. It turned out we were all wrong and my Dad had to start working in the 5th Dimension to get it all to fit. 

This apartment will be remembered for its ample shelving, being reminded on KU home football games days that we definitely lived close to several fraternities, and the shady tree lined street filled with many, many, many squirrels who would go at it like rabbits in our front yard...and many rabbits that would do much the same.

In total we were in Lawrence for about six years [actually living there for five]. There's not another city in Kansas I would have wanted to call my home and we leave with few if any complaints about the city itself...well, maybe finally get that mandatory recycling program off the ground.

I'll leave you with my favorite 5th Dimension song "Stone Soul Picnic."

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