Monday, July 21, 2014

All That Remains

One way to look at my life would be through the things that I obsessively collected. Or more accurately the ebb and flow of the the things I obsessively collected. It started with baseball cards around fifth or sixth grade. That was eventually replaced with comic books a few years later. Comics gave way to music and CDs in my freshman or sophomore year of high school. Music stayed with me for a long time...through my move to Seattle where used music shops were everywhere. 

Toward the end of my time in Seattle my collection had reached its peak and as a move of 1,800 miles was approaching I realized it was time to shrink the collection as it was getting more and more cumbersome. I digitized nearly all of it and sold most of it on eBay and Amazon over the course of a year. I kept the ones that were important to me for one reason or another, be it a gift from someone or an album that had important emotional value. 

So as I prepare for another move, my CD collection fits comfortably in the bottom of a single box. If you ever saw my collection before you'll know who different it is. My music purchases today are nearly exclusively digital download or old school vinyl and I rarely buy a CD unless it's used at Half Price Books. I feel like I am the living embodiment of the U.S. music industry.

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