Friday, November 8, 2013

An Update On Our Lock On the Love Bridge

Although I'm now home in America, I'm going to keep posting as if we recently had these adventures around Europe. I'll post the dates we actually visited these locations at the start of each posts in an attempt to keep things straight.

An Update On Our Lock On the Love Bridge 
Photographed: August 30th, 2013

Before we left Kharkiv in April we placed a padlock on the so-called "Love Bridge" with the hope to visit Kharkiv again in a few years and finding our lock still there.  Plans changed a little bit as Laura was able to do some more interviews around Ukraine at the end of the summer and so she made a return trip to the bridge to see how things were going.  

Our lock was still's the red one towards the middle of the photo.

It looks like the last four months have been a little rough on our poor lock.  It looks like they have painted the bridge and so our lock as a nice coat of gray paint on it and most of the printing I added to the lock has been covered or worn off.  We shall see what another few years will do to it.  

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