Sunday, July 7, 2013

Getting To Celebrate the 4th of July On U.S. Soil

On the weekend before the 4th of July, the U.S. Embassy offices in Riga held a celebration in which Americans and their family could come and take part in some events to celebrate Independence Day and enjoy some free American goodies.

They had pizza, deserts, salads, and even McDonald's there handing out complimentary cheeseburgers and chicken McNuggets.  Here's the line waiting for the McNuggets.  

They also had free hot dogs which had a distinctive European feel.  The bun was a baguette that had been hollowed out and the condiments were shot into the hole and then the hot dog was jammed in afterward.  It was an interesting attempt nonetheless.

They also had some vintage cars on display from the local American car club.  When the day's events were completed they had a little impromptu parade of the cars as they left.

We didn't get to shoot off any fireworks but it was nice to technically celebrate the holiday on U.S. soil.

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