Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Graffiti #15: Graffiti Around Athens

I was expecting the graffiti around Athens to be some of the best I seen on my trip.  After all, some of the earliest examples of "ancient graffiti" are from Greece and Egypt so we're talking centuries of experience.  Plus, I imagined the economic crisis could have provided many empty/abandoned spaces to be drawn on along with many people looking for an outlet of their emotions and passions. Whatever the true motivation, Athens didn't disappoint.  

Athens also had the first store I've seen devoted to graffiti.

You can pick up your favorite brand of paint.

But the graffiti right outside the store was more than a little disappointing.

Park a subway train car in one place long enough and this happens.

And last but not least, a simple yet funny addition to a swimsuit advertisement.

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