Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Donkeys of Santorini

When tourists arrive at Santorini they are typically dumped off of their ferry at the island's New Port.  It is then a 15 minute drive up the island's cliffs to reach the heart of the city.  There is also an Old Port located beneath the main town that serves as a landing area for the huge cruise ships that surround the waters of Santorini.  To get down to the Old Port you can walk, take a donkey, or ride a cable car.  Since I don't believe in sacrificing a donkey by having me sit on it, we decided to try walking down the hill and then taking the cable car up.  

As we descended we had donkeys sitting along the steps waiting to be hired.

This meant that sometimes you had to get around the donkeys by walking behind them which is never an exciting prospect.  We tried to talk to them as we went by so we didn't spook them.

As we passed the donkeys it quickly became clear that we might have made a mistake by attempting to go down the cliff on foot.  Nearly everywhere you stepped you either had fresh or ground in donkey droppings to avoid.

As we were walking down further we noticed a cruise ship in the distance that seemed to be ferrying passengers over to the Old Port and so as we were continuing down we had this happen to us a couple of times:

Here's a view of where we walked down.

We met the donkeys one more time at the bottom as they were all lined up and ready for service.

And here is the final destination of the Old Port.

The water of the Aegean Sea were very clear with many fish swimming about.  We will try heading to the beaches tomorrow with the hopes of at least getting a toe wet.

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