Monday, January 21, 2013

Airports I Have Known

Some thoughts [Larry King style] on the airports I've experienced in my three times across the Atlantic in the past few months...the Kiev airport is very, very, very deserted early in the morning...

...the Munich airport was a wonderful experience while Frankfurt was a nightmare.  I've never seen such a horrible airport.  Poor designs, insufficient number of bathrooms for the number of people on the concourse, and Lufthansa staff which just didn't seem to have an interest in anything beyond chatting with each other.  I didn't even really have any problems with my flights there but a lot of other people did. Here's a photo of the people waiting in line to get to the Lufthansa desk to reschedule flights or speak to a representative.  I've never seen so many passengers screaming at airline employees before...thankfully, I just took a photo of my line as I walked by.... 

...Frankfurt also had some birds flying my concourse.  It's not too reassuring to see something that clearly shouldn't have been able to get in and makes you wonder what else can get into the airport... 

...And lastly it was nice to be reminded exactly how great the Minneapolis airport is as I was waiting to be picked up after arriving home.  Free wi-fi and everywhere you turn free and available plug-ins!


  1. Kharkiv came up on Jeopardy last night (1/21 here in the states) - not sure of exact wording but it was basically which former Soviet Rep is Kharkiv in and I knew the Answer was "What is Ukraine" because of your blog. obviously none of the dimwitted contestants read your blog as none of them got the answer.

  2. Thanks for the info...I feel a post coming on!